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Econstra - a well diversified business consultancy firm having interest in diverse industrial business, and strategic economic activities. Our industry practices include agronomy, farm business management, cash flow budgeting, finance negotiation, pre-purchase property assessment, succession planning, feasibility studies, economic loss assessment and strategic planning, outreaching for a cordial economic and strategic relationship in the long run.



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Strategic intent incorporates a dynamic administration method that includes concentrating the association�s focus on the spirit of winning, motivating professionals by communicating to them the rate of the target, making considerable space for group and team charity, and supporting the energy of delivering recently prepared definitions. We depict where the company is headed to in a persuasive and convincing presentation, which the employees can readily understand. We provide each and every worker with a statement to help them adapt, extend and meet new requirements of the company. We are always going to be by your side when it comes to filter your company�s strategic intent since it offers long-term solidity and stability to the arrangement of changes over the course of a few years.

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Helping Small Businesses Put The Right Foot Forward For A Decade Now..

An international management consulting firm, Econstra provides crucial planning to top NGO’s, companies, governments and non-profit organizations. We support our clients in making continuous advancement to their implementation and our comprehending their most fundamental aims. We have developed a management counseling firm over the last decade exclusively equipped for this undertaking. A solitary universal enterprise, Econstra is heavily concentrated on contact with customers. A reliable strategy is used by our consulting firms to select and develop our professionals, with no consideration of where their location might be. Our solid structure facilitates our ability to provide the right team, with the appropriate background skill development, to every customer of ours, anywhere in the world.

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