Dec 21th, 2018

How to start preparing from today so that you can pass on your


Entrepreneurs who start and grow a business always hope that someday their family; children will take over running the company as smooth as they are doing it currently. Even better, the current business would pass from generation to generation into the future.

It’s a legacy which is appealing and lucrative but the transition needs meticulous preparation and dedication which s actually a long process. It is tricky and we here share some tips to think about if you find yourself contemplating a generational shift in your business.

First, you need to find out if anyone is interested or not. You might have a huge fortune to hand over to your kids, but they might have other plans for their future. Also, it is advisable to prepare them from an early age to be responsible for their role. Try to communicate with them and make sure they do not make mistakes as the first time trainee.

Try to make the successors experience rich with the training you provide them from the early stages of life. Your hard build legacy is in their hands and they need to be expert enough to shoulder the responsibility.

One more important thing to keep in mind that do not map your exodus quickly. You should also plan to stick around for a while when you do hand over the business to the next generation. It is so because they are going to need your advice, guidance, and counsel, at least for a while. The wisdom and experience you accumulated over the years are precious. You should be available and be around as you have information that is precious and invaluable to your successors, so make yourself available to them when they need or ask for your help.