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Big Data Analytics


Consumer Analytics

Facilitating the process by which data from customer behavior is used to help make crucial business decisions through market segmentation and predictive analysis is a core competency of Econstra. This data is used by clients for direct marketing, customer relation management and site selection. Services are provided through marketing primarily to satisfy customers. With that thought in mind, the productive system is reviewed from its beginning at the production level to the end of the cycle at the consumer. A very crucial role in protecting customer behavior today is played by customer analytics.


Expense Control

Under this, Econstra puts to use its system to process, pay and audit the expenses which have been initiated by the employees. The expenses for travel and entertainment are included in the expense management, though it is not limited to such costs. The expense management is inclusive of the strategies which governs such spending, along with the technology used to process and review the information related to it.


Financial Services

The financial services the financial services provided by Econstra comprehensively include a wide range of financial Institutions and organizations that manage money. These organizations and financial Institutions include credit unions, banks, credit card organizations, insurance companies, accountancy organizations, consumer finance organizations, stock brokerages, investment funds, real estate funds and some government sponsored undertakings.



Healthcare companies are controlling big data technology to record all information relating to a patient in order to get a more comprehensive view for insight into care coordination and result-based reimbursement models, population health administration, patient engagement and overreach. Econstra utilizes this data to achieve supportable healthcare systems, collaborating to improve care and results, and enhancing entry points to health care.


Marketing Analytics

Econstra describes the enquiry and enhancement of the regulation and usefulness of marketing. This is achieved by unnerving focus on the association of marketing activities, strategies and metrics with business goals. This involves the development of a metrics framework to observe marketing performance, and then create and use marketing dashboards to administer marketing performance.


Media Analytics

Econstra judges particular media messages and their construction to examine the effect it may have over a target audience. This is in opposition to media analysis, which would be a more conventional assessment of what constitutes a media message or its construction. Media analytics for business tends to concentrate on outcomes that have an effect on the rate of sales or other particular events.


Prediction Model

Econstra utilizes data to predict results. Mostly the event that one wants to predict is in the future, but through predictive modeling one has the ability to predict the outcome of any type of unknown event, irrespective of the timeframe when it may have happened. Depending on definitional horizons, predictive modeling can be considered synonymous with, or largely overlapping with, the territory of machine learning, as it is more frequently referred to in academic or research and development situations.



The rise of social media, increasing use of smartphones, and next generation mobile network rollouts, have let the communication service providers all over the world to witness an unprecedented rise in the volume and velocity of data. Econstra is known to help service providers by utilizing big data that lead to deliver smarter services which has the ability to generate new sources of revenue. Econstra thus also helps service providers in changing their operations to accomplish business and service excellence, along with establishing smarter networks to drive durable and high-quality consumer experience.

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