Getting your first clients

Confused with the multiple business IDEAS

At present consultant business is growing by leaps and bounds and the consultants are able to earn more than doctors, lawyers and other high paid professionals. Here we shall see what the significance of the first client is and how to find one when you start off as business consultants.

Low cost of starting off as consultants is like cherry on the cake. Your research ability is your biggest asset and solution providing skill is what is going to get you more clients. One can say, it has not much investment, if you chose not to. All you have got to do is get a working license and print some business cards. A small office is not indispensible. You can start off without office and visit clients in coffee houses or their place/office.

We all know that to every lucrative idea there is downside. Consulting business too has its own downsides. The competition here is intense. Then there are giants who have captured the market leaving little space for the new comers to flourish. The clients are demanding and often they are not willing to pay according to that.

You may be amazed to realize that first client will not exactly function as the first client because the chances are high that your first client, may be, someone you know close. It is probably the third or the fourth client which may be your real first client.  Design a suitable marketing plan to land up clients one after another.

To get clients, first, second or fourth, here a few things that you must keep in mind:

  • Talking! Talking is what makes the first impression. The clients come to you with problems and if you have a dull approach to their problems then chances are high    that they may never call you back or revert to the mail.
  • Create a market plan or market strategy that helps in putting out the plan in action.
  • Subject matter expertise is required but more than that it is expertise in process of problem solving that is going to help you accomplish the target and generate results.
  • Deadlines are an important thing in this line of business. When clients are looking for a particular job to get done then be sure that they have tried their hands on it first and it usually after failing at it that organizations and individual clients go on looking for business consultantsIn that case, be sure that you will have to work faster as they are already crossed some dates and deadlines.
  • Often the initial clients are not satisfied with the services that are provided by such consulting agencies. The reason behind this is that the consultants are experts in subject but cannot handle the situation as the problem solving process come into play.
  • Consulting is that business that starts and ends with results. Results are the key to getting you next client. If you are able to show the success of your previous clients through testimonials or other documents then the present client may look forward to be working with you.
  • Delivering valuable services that is result yielding is going to establish you as a potential name in the market. The client base will gradually grow.
  • Before setting out as a consulting form or freelancer make sure you go through these points and understand the basic requirement of  this industry.
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