How to ensure a client to hire you as the consultant?

Confused with the multiple business IDEAS

Being business consultants mean that you need to have clients to grow your business and it is through proving your worth as a service provider that you can get the clients stay with you longer. Having a loyal set of clients is not enough. The market is getting packed with competition and when a client is going pick your rival you can never tell. This calls for a constant need to look for new clients so that you have several ongoing projects.

In short it all comes down to how well marketed you are and what are the steps you are taking to get new clients.  That pretty much the consulting business is all about. In this article we shall see how free consulting is done and the mode which can be used in order to use the concept of free consulting.

Here you have to prepare a case study of the customer that you have served in the past and establish yourself as the vital role playing force in the entire process. Give every detail in the crisp manner and make sure you use easy language so that the flow of case study is smooth.  The mode of communication that is supposed to be used here is email communication or email marketing. To deal with your present client it is best that you use email as the primary form of communication.

If this marketing method is pursued correctly it is going to get the best results for you as business consulting agency.

The Case Study/Report

The report that you are going to prepare is going to act as the main source of clients taking the decision to try your services. The report should be concentrating on the acuteness of problem and the solutions you used to get the job done. You can take permission from the customer whose report you are publishing. If not, there is no harm in having the name and other details of the client withheld.

This report can be sent through email or through news letter. In that same mail you can invite the clients you are sending to for free consultation or advice. Here the graphics and content plays an important role. Do not make the email too clumsy to read. It should be simple, readable and the language as simple as possible. Yet it should be going down to the level of ordinary. Here the job of content writer is important. Content writers play an important role in determining the worth of the report or the case study you are sending.

It is also important you present a case that is your niche. As business consultants you could be dealing with a number of issues that clients face but the niche must be marketed first than the minor services that are provided by you or your company.

If your niche is strategy consulting then pick up case where the essential matter to be solved was changing or modifying the strategy of the concerned client.

Now the main marketing starts when the client actually calls you up to get the free consultation. Keep in mind that it is a free consultation and you cannot go overboard. It must be kept short. Not more than 20-30 minutes. The information that you are going to provide to the client is also going to be limited and preferably pre-decided.

So this was all about free consolation. Hope this article has helped you in useful ways.

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