Preparing a report as business consultants

Confused with the multiple business IDEAS

As a consultant, preparing report could be matter of concern as a lot of difference is there in talking to the clients and sending a report. While you could be great in serving your clients in terms of services and solutions there could be huge gap in the way you create report.

What role does report play? Why is it important?

Report acts as an important document of the services that you have provided. It is, in a way, going to compete with all other documents that the manager of the concerned firm is going to receive. It is going to state the fact that how different you are as business consultants from others. Reports are also a good way of showing to your clients that they are valued.

The report plays the role of representing your firm and acts as a proof of the services you have provided or will provide in near future.

Here are some of the ways that you may prepare your report:


This is the something that is often misunderstood. You may think the client is looking for long documents that have tons of high sounding words in it. But that is not the case.  The clients just want to read a document that is to the point and speaks precisely. Do not indulge in long flowery use of language.


As I have mentioned above that the client is looking for a short to the point facts. If you send a file which runs endlessly long then the client is probably going to keep it for later and then forget to read. The length of the report should be short, highlighting the main points.

Client centric

Some of us may fail in shifting from perspective from our end to the readers end. This is major loophole in the process of preparing a report. The report must be client centric and not consultant centric. To hone this skill you must practice report writing in spare time. It may sound like a childish suggestion but many experts have approved of mock report writing. Do not have time to write a mock report then just read up a few on various websites.

Streamline your Messages

Make a list of messages that you are trying to convey to the client. These key messages can be used to elaborate on. This will help the client not to be deviated from main point. Long reports with several interludes spoil the reading flow. Your clients are not expecting a well narrated novel from you. It is a report.


Although there is no need to use flowery and stuffy words, make sure you do not go easy and careless on grammar. I know one cannot be a grammar Nazi. For this you can use tools and software online. They are free of cost and show effective result.


Summary, or rather executive summary in official terms is an important way of grasping client’s interest. They will know what they are going to read ahead and will not be apprehensive of what comes next. In case they do not read the whole thing, they are still going to have an idea of what was there in the report and revert accordingly to you.

Personal Tone

Although they are your professional clients, you must maintain a mixture of personal and professional tone in the report. The client must feel that you have not just copy pasted past reports but constructed one.  This is going to add ethical advantage to the report.


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