Want to Business Consultant? Here are 9 steps to do so

Confused with the multiple business IDEAS

If you are an aspiring business consultant and hope to set up your own firm then here are some of the steps that can get you closer to your dream job:

1. Judging yourself

This is not specific to business consultants only. This is a life philosophy. We must understand ourselves first and list out the strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your strength and weakness becomes even more important in consulting business. The organizations are going to hire you to suggest them on certain problem areas. If you are not aware of where you stand and what your area of expertise is, you may not be able to operate well.

2. Market Research

Through market research you will be able to design your product. After you have decided your niche, start researching that and start analyzing its present scenario. Study the rivals and strategize yourself accordingly. Find out what the giants in your niche are doing. Follow blogs and receive newsletters from different consultancies just to get an idea of what is happening on the other side of field.

3. Networking

Networking is very important as it is through networking that you will be known as business consultants. Networking could be pursued from various perspectives. You may have your own booker who is going to get you the clients. In that case you will be sharing a percentage of income with the booker.

Another way of creating a network is to rely on the people you know around. You can casually talk to them, tell them about your venture and ask them about the problems they face in their business. After you find put their problems tell them how you could help them cope with this problem. Social media platforms are another way. So is blog.

4. Organic Marketing

This is the most direct and straight forward method of telling your customers that you are selling something of value and that they may need your product. Business consultants can get a long way through organic marketing.

5. Tools of the Trade

Make time tools for trade as they can get you enough clients.  There are many platforms that help you to search clients and collect data in exchange of small price.

6. Employees

After you start receiving clients it is advised that you hire one or two employees who will help you in carrying out the work. It is best to hire a freelancer so that you pay per work or per hour rather than paying a handsome monthly salary. But then again, it all depends on how your business expands.

7. Pitch

Everything will fall off if this does not get right. Clients need to hear from the consultants how their business is going to be handled. Handwritten note or emails cannot suffice. It is face to face or Skype meeting that is going to get you the ultimate green signal.

8. Write your Proposal

After the client has agreed to pay for your service or take your service then it is time for you to prepare a proposal. Through client proposal you get a chance to explain how you are going to undertake this project and how the solutions will be provide. It is synopsis of the process that you are going to get in action.

9. Pricing

Submitting a proposal also is a subtle way of telling the consumers about the price. It is also a way of documenting the communication regarding the fees.. In every business deal, documenting the communication is very important.

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