Who is a strategy consultant? Why Strategy Consulting?

Confused with the multiple business IDEAS

Strategy consultants are group of advisors or individual consultant who, in an unbiased fashion, help the organization in taking complex decisions. The analysis they make is based on deep industry knowledge that they have gathered through intense research and practical experience. Strategy consultants have become an important entity in the business world as the organization, beginners or old, need guidance on strategy making. Strategies form the core of business plan. When the strategies get right, the firm is able to capture the preference of consumers. Business consultants are always in need of strategy consultants.

Strategy consultant is one of the best consulting niche and following are some of the reasons that have been largely attributed to people going for strategy consulting:

The Prestige attached to it:

This is often half the motivation factor in most of the careers, people pursue in India: the prestige that is attached to strategy consulting. This is the first demand that comes as the requirement from the side of customers. The most prestigious of all consulting is strategy consulting. Consulting field was actually started off with strategy consulting. For the history of it, strategy consulting has the highest of prestige attached to it.

High Salary:

Definitely this is the second reason. In some opinion, it may qualify as the first reason as well. However, it is to be noted, that the high salary does not come easy and it is in return of rigorous service provided. The billable demands deep industry knowledge.  It is often said that careers in investment banking and successful entrepreneurship are the two that will fetch you a higher salary than strategy consulting.

Career Growth

Strategy consulting is a growing field and being a strategy consultant is going to expose you to immense opportunities and career growth. Stagnation, that often plagues many fields of career, is not the biggest issue here.

Post Retirement Career:

As an strategy consultant you are going to have a fruitful career and post that that too, your valuable advices is going to be held in great regard. As senior consultant it opens up, for you, huge avenue in corporate firms. Business consultants often take retired strategy consultants.

Let us check the qualification requirement to be strategy consultant:

·         Bachelors and Master’s degree in Business Administration

·         Any related certificates can be of added value. It is preferred that you get additional certificates of seminars workshops and short term courses. But these             are for added advantages and not essential.

·         A minimum of 3 years’ experience shall be preferred. Sometimes fresher are roped in as assistants.

·         There are several skills set that come with the job of consulting. Communication skill, analytical expertise, time management and problem solving skills are             some of it.

Steps to become Strategy Consultant

Earning the degree

Needless to say that that earning the degree is the first and the foremost step that is to be taken in your career of strategy consulting. Bachelor’s degree is fine but most of the organization prefer when you have a master’s degree in it.


During the degree it is beneficial for students to get into as much as internship a possible.


Gathering experience is going to help make your case a reliable, as talented strategy consultants, much stronger. Keep gathering experience and look for good brands that are going to heavy weight your resume.

In some cases there may be a certification required. If you are planning to migrate abroad and pursue this career then there may arrive a need of getting of certified.

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