New Business IDEA/ Existing Business – Solutions from Econstra

Nov 27th, 2018

New Business IDEA/ Existing Business.

  • Confused with the multiple business IDEAS.
  • Which profitable business to do. Should you grow your business or start a new one.
  • Market competition is increasing every day.
  • New Govt rule has changed your business style
  • Should you set up multiple businesses or focus on the single one
  • How to make real money from business

Marketing and Branding

  • Budget limitation does not allow marketing your products
  • Your cannot not generate desired results with the failed marketing plan
  • Your attempt to create your brand was not successful
  • How your brand can increase your sales

Sales and closing

  • Yet to ring in sales even with the right resources
  • The clients promises to call back but never does
  • Objection handling seems too puzzling
  • With right help, it is possible to double your sales in 3 month
  • The best way to handle sale proceed
  • How different is sales from closing
  • Why do fail to close adequate deal

Business Process Creation

  • The business is not sufficient to run without your presence
  • The decisions reverse back to you
  • The employees contribution is nil and they focus only on the salaries
  • You feel that there is no smooth running process
  • You have the urge to grow but your environment is not favorable
  • How to find the expert and trained staff and keep them
  • How to create a system within my organization

System Digitization

  • Are you still believing that your business model will not be changed in next 5 years
  • Why all companies are taking on the digital platform
  • How you can use digital platform and increase your revenue 10 times
  • How your whole organization can run digitally
  • How can you use digital technology and earn recurring revenue


  • How to start preparing from today so that you can pass on your business to the next generation?
  • How can I hand over my business to the expert professionals so that I can only monitor them?
  • Why is the trend for successful business leaders to prepare themselves for their next CEO
  • How to create a bulletproof succession plan when yourself are at stake