The clients promises to call back but never does – Solutions from Econstra

Nov 28th, 2018

The clients promises to call back but never does.


Even the most dynamic and smart entrepreneur finds it difficult to build a relationship with the client who has promised but never calls back. This is a dead end situation and the only commonly chased route to continue the liaison is to make cold calls, emails, and sound like pervasive sales person who are everywhere in the world.

  • The fine line between persistence and stalking. This can be irksome if not followed carefully. Continuous calls from the same sales person can result in blocking the number and contact. Be careful and do it persistently make sure you do not overdo it.
  • Send a handwritten note. Personalized messages always do the trick. Never shy away to send a handwritten note to your prospectus. This will build a relation between you two and make the client aware of your presence.
  • Put them on auto-drip- it means that you remain in touch yet will not speak of your proposal or sales. It can be a spiritual message, a small toke of gift or any such way where you continuously remind them of your presence.
  • Ask about their health in general. This does not sound over done and invasive. It is a good will gesture which will help you to gain future prospects if the deal is not working now.
  • Do not get confused with facts and fantasies. Never assume and draw an estimate by yourself. Dig in deeper to find out what actually is going on, this will help to find out your shortcomings too.
  • Call in suitable hours; do not irritate the client. Anyone can get irritated if they are knocked in the wrong hour. Call them when you know it is the right time; maybe early hours just before the office or late I the evenings.
  • Talk with a dash of humor. Nothing can beat a good sense of humor and in between drop your hint softly. It does work and you might get to sign your new contract.